Asociacion Achedy

About Us

ACHEDY brings together merchants, hoteliers, entrepreneurs and professionals based in the Lanzarote municipality of Yaiza, who develop their business activities in the field of production, manufacture, marketing of products and provision of services.

Our mission

ACHEDY's mission is to represent, manage, promote, advise and defend the common interests of Yaiza merchants, hoteliers and entrepreneurs in Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

Our values

ACHEDY is inspired by the following basic principles:

Respect for property and private initiative.


Freedom of association of entrepreneurs and owners of premises in Yaiza.

Democracy amongst members.

Equal rights and obligations of members.

Independence from the Public Administration in any of its forms, from political parties and from other business, trade union or other associations.

The purpose of the Association is as follows:

1. The promotion of the collaboration of entrepreneurs and merchants, for the benefit of all its members.

2. Advisory and management in relation to the running of their business and professional functions, as well as promoting the best conditions for the promotion of private initiative within the scope of the association, facilitating, where possible, the creation of new companies and businesses and growth of, and opportunities to, existing ones.

3. Become a mediator between the various sectors of business public and private authorities, in defense of the interests of the associates and the improvement of social services.

4. Ensure the development of ideal conditions for the activity Commercial-business and the best service to citizens and clients of the associates.

5. Support and promote the professional, industrial and economic development of the Yaiza municipality.

6. Defend associates against intrusion and unfair competition.

7. Inform associates of possible aid, subsidies or financing systems, as well as organizing training to improve production and management areas.

8. Actively participate, together with other associations, businessmen and public administrations, in the conceptualization, definition and promotion of the municipality of Yaiza as a tourist destination of differentiated quality.

9. Any other purposes compatible with the aforementioned.

Article 3.- Activities

For the fulfillment of its purposes, ACHEDY will organize the following activities:

1. All kinds of events aimed at promoting tourism and commercial and economic revitalization of the municipality such as, but not limited to, contests, tournaments, championships, contests, exhibitions of works, demonstrations, fairs, conferences, debates, talks and forums.

2. Collaborate with other associations, federations, entities and public administrations in the organization, promotion and development of many activities aimed at promoting tourism and commercial revitalization of the municipality.

3. Inform associates of possible aid, subsidies or financing systems.

4. Participation or creation in magazines, posters, web pages, etc.

5. Promote training through courses, seminars, talks, workshops that improve our quality standards of our services.

6. Any other purposes compatible with the aforementioned.